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Weather App

Weather App. Weather App – A concept app exploring navigation for weather changes by moving your finger through the sky following the path of the sun. This allows you to find the highest and lowest temperature, watch the rising of the tide and pinpoint sunrise and sunset yourself. The App mimics reality for navigation. Also exploring clarity and simplicity for information display.


Circular Scroll
View the weather at different times of the day by scrolling around the path of the sun. Once released it will snap back to current time.

Horizon Line
The horizon line shows the time for sunrise and sunset (times the sun moves above or below the horizon). Visually you can see the off-set in different hemispheres.

At a glance weather conditions displayed as background visual. Including time of day and relative light.

Set your own specific weather conditions to be notified of in advance. Weather warnings, weather opportunities, your choice.

Incremental Display
Showing specific weather elements in 15min increments to visually see what lies ahead for your day or night.

Easily see when weather conditions will reach their peaks during the day.

One-Hand Navigation
Intentionally placing the circular scroll and the off-canvas navigation in the lower half of the screen allows users to quickly navigate and change with one hand.

Company: Internal

Role: UX / UI Design